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Matterhorn Reflection 002


Water Fall


Mountain Pond 001


Swiss Alps 003


Swiss Alps 002


Swiss Alps 001

The Matterhorn Swiss mountain in Alps, summit in Switzerland, Mont Cervin

Matterhorn 001

bat hanging upside down on rock in cave with light

Bat In Cave 003

bat upside down in dark cave with lights

Bat In Cave 002

bat hanging upside down in cave in lightpainting photography

Bat In Cave 001

lightpainting in caves with stalagmites and stalactites

Cave 005

cave with stalactites and stalagmites in black and white picture

Cave 004

cave interior perspective with light on stalactites and stalagmites

Cave 003

Mount Robson cliff in British Columbia

Mountains 028

dark cave with light on stalagmites and stalactites

Cave 002

lightpainting into cave with lights on stalactites and stalagmites

Cave 001

chipmunk standing on rock under sunlight

Chipmunk 007

pika seating on rock in Rockies

Pika 004

fir trees in mountain rocks slope, lighted by sun

Trees 034

marmot seating on rock under sun

Marmot 007

Moon above mountains and forest in Canadian Rockies

Moon 008

sunbeams through fir trees at sunrise, Maligne Canyon, Alberta

Mist 003

marmot in meadow in Canadian Rocky Mountains

Marmot 006

canadian marmot in the prairie in Alberta

Marmot 005

mountain black spider in the Rockies

Spider 003

black spider on rock in Rocky Mountains

Spider 002

spareleaf stonecrop on rock among wild plants in meadow (Sedum Lanceolatum)

Flowers 041

marmot laying on rock under sun in Banff Park

Marmot 004

marmot portrait on rock in Alberta

Marmot 003

black spider on rocks in Alberta

Spider 004