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chipmunk eating nut on rock

Chipmunk 006

ground squirrel standing on rocks holding hands with claws

Ground Squirrel 009

ground squirrel standing on rock with Lake Louise on background

Ground Squirrel 008

pika seating on rock with blurry background

Pika 003

pika screaming on rock, in Alberta

Pika 002

raccoon showing up, head appearing from behind rock

Raccoon 005

rock impact in water and ice

Impact 005

Grand Canyon horizon in Arizona

Grand Canyon 003

Antelope Canyon sunlight on colored stone

Canyon 002

kitten showing head, hiding behind rock

Cat 009

gull landing on rock in river, bird flying with open wings

Gull 003

Yosemite mountain cliff with tree on edge

Mountains 003

moss and leaves on rock

Moss 013

seal laying on rock near Bonaventure Island

Seal 003

upper Antelope Canyon in Navajo land in Arizona

Canyon 001

cute kitten hiding behind rock

Cat 008

cute little cat face hiding behind rock

Cat 001

Vis river HDR in South of France, with waterfall and water reflection

River HDR 003

sphagnum and moss in forest

Moss 012

moss, sphagnum and leaves in the woods

Moss 011

sphagnum and moss with leaves in forest

Moss 010

moss covering rock with sphagnum

Moss 007

moss and lichen on rock with a fir tree brach

Moss 002

chipmunk eating almonds on rock

Chipmunk 004

Horseshoe Bend HDR and Colorado river at sunset

Horseshoe Bend HDR 001

algae on rock on seaside

Algae 001

desert in Arizona at sunset

Desert 003

bird standing on rock in Grand Canyon Park

Bird 002

seal laying on rock in the sea

Seal 001