IBuyPhotos.com is a website where you can buy and download royalty free photos at affordable price.
Website is also offering the option to order photography prints and posters, signed from the photographer Frederic Ansermoz.

IBuyPhotos.com is the property of Frederic Ansermoz, who is its the sole owner and manager.
Web developer and photographer, Frederic wanted to develop his own stock photography website, in order to make investment in photography equipment more affordable to him, and possibly a living from his photography passion.

Doing entirely everything himself, from design to development, the marketing and promotion, this website is the fruit of a countless number of long days and nights of hard work.

If you want to discover more about Frederic Ansermoz, please visit the websites below:
[Web Developer] www.notafred.com
[Photographer] www.frederic-ansermoz.com

IBuyPhotos.com is probably not a huge competitor facing the big stock photography websites, but it’s his own and Frederic is working hard on it, which takes lots of time and effort. And so, you are more than welcome to navigate the site!
Please do not hesitate to contact Frederic Ansermoz through the contact page, if you have questions or to share your feedback or support to the site.

Enjoy, take care and take photos!

Best regards.

Frederic Ansermoz