Stock photos, stock images, royalty-free images, is a stock photography website containing royalty-free images and pictures. On this site, you can buy photos for your business or for your personal use, to use them in your projects, illustrations, book covers or even to print them.
Here you will find different types of pictures and images (common photography, art photography, HDR imagery (High Dynamic Range Images), LOMO photography, B&W (black and white) pictures, panoramic photos, etc.), sorted in six (6) distinct categories of images: Art, Nature, Animals, Events, Urban and Objects.
You can buy pictures online and download them then. You can buy a single image as you can purchase several pictures at a time.
Most of images are available at least in three (3) different dimensions and resolution (high resolution is available), so you simply need to select the image you want to fill your needs.

Prints and Posters allows you now to buy prints and posters of all the images on the website. You can order printed version of images from our galleries. A nice way to have nice images to decorate interior.

Images and Pictures, photography categories: Art, Nature, Animals, Events, Urban and Objects

Here are some examples of what kind of photos and pictures you can find on

Art images

This is a combination of edited pictures, different types of photos, HDR images, LOMO photography, black and white photos, compositions, visual effects, special effects or rendering, using different photography techniques, long exposure, lightpainting etc.

Nature pictures

This is a huge collection of photos of landscapes, mountains, turquoise water, lakes and ponds, waterfalls, forests and woods, trees, leaves and flowers, rivers, deserts and canyons, snowy places during the winter, colored leaves during the Fall and other seasons etc.
Most pictures were taken in Canada (Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia, Rocky Mountains etc.), in the United States, in Switzerland, but also in France, Spain and other countries.

Animals pictures

It regroups several photos of bears (black bears, brown bears, grizzlys), moose, squirrels, fishes, birds (e.g., Fou de Bassan, goose, egret, cardinal, gull, heron) insects (e.g., bee, butterfly, spider, dragonfly), chipmunks, marmots, porcupines, seals, foxes, reptiles, Wildlife photography in general and common animals.

Events photos

Photos representing situations or celebrations, events like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, New Year's Day, meetings, at the office, fireworks, during festivals, concerts etc. (this section will be filled soon with more photos).

Urban images

This category contains lots of photographs of cities (Geneva, New York, Boston, Montréal and more!), abandoned places and houses, derelict buildings, damaged house interiors, skyscrapers, streets, suburbs, subways, structures and constructions, factories, harbors, railroads, farms and barns etc.

Objects pictures

Photos of tools, electrical installations, materials, equipment and gear, musical instruments, furniture (e.g., chairs, desks), doors, rusty pieces, everyday life objects etc.

All are royalty-free images, so please have a look at our stock photos!
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All photos were taken by the photographer Frédéric Ansermoz


About the photographer

Frederic Ansermoz has started digital photography as a leisure activity in 2001.

Investing in new equipment (camera, lens, tripods, flashes, memory cards etc.), and shooting more and more photos with his digital camera, by the year 2007 he realised that it has turned slowly into a passion.
He shoots a lot of photographs of landscapes and animals, combining at the same time his passion for hiking and exploration. Nature is his favorite playground. But he also likes urban photography and experimenting with new techniques (Portrait photography, macro photography, LOMO photography, High Dynamic Range imagery (HDRi) etc.). We learn everyday!

Advised, encouraged and supported by his family and friends, taking advantage of being a web developer, he has developed and designed, his first royalty free stock images website. And more recently, the site offer the possibility to buy posters and prints from his photography work. The site gives him a great opportunity to share his work as a photographer and sell his photos to those who are interested to work with.
It's a pleasure and honor for Frederic to see his photos published for book covers or on Internet. It really motivates him to improve his technique and take great photographs. Photography equipment has a high cost and through the IBuyphotos site, Frederic aims to make the investment more affordable.
In other words, he likes to think that this is an interesting loop:
- better equipment -> taking better photos (and variety).
- better photos -> providing a better content, more useful and rewarding for you, more chances to sell photos.
- more sales -> investing in a better equipment!
Business but with a human size aspect.
Frederic hopes you will enjoy navigating the site, discovering and working with his photos!

It's also his pleasure to share photographs from his travels in Canada, United States, Switzerland, France... and he hopes to be able to add pictures from all around the World here!

Have a nice visit and do not hesitate to spread the word!

Frederic Ansermoz [Notafred]
Photographer - Web Developer and owner at Switzerland & Canada.