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Gaillardia aristata, blanket flower, in the Rockies

Flowers 044

black bear cub sitting on grass

Bear 005

cute kitten hiding behind rock

Cat 008

little cat walking in grass

Cat 006

cute little cat in grass with the sun

Cat 004

Salagou lake hill HDR with red soil and rocks

Mountain HDR 002

sunlight on moss and sphagnum

Moss 008

moss in forest with sphagnum

Moss 006

sphagnum and green moss covering ground

Moss 005

sphagnum close up with gree stalk and white tip

Moss 003

the sprouting of leaves on a stump

Leaves 006

light on moss in the forest

Moss 001

mushrooms in the forest with moss and lichen

Mushrooms 001

dandelions in meadow

Flowers 009

black bear head up in meadow with wild flowers

Bear 004

white feather on green grass

Bird 007

black bear cub eating flowers in prairie

Bear 002

black bear cub smelling flowers in meadow

Bear 001