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rusty plates and corrugated iron wall with graffiti

Graffiti 001

Woolworth Building, long angle view of skyscraper, New York City

Building 002

New York City Council and Woolworth Building on Broadway

Building 001

Golden Gate Bridge towers, San Francisco bridge pillars

Golden Bridge 001

train in steel railway bridge with vanishing point

Railroad 002

train and wagons in steel railway bridge, vanishing point

Railroad 001

port quays and docks in Montreal Old Port, Quebec

Harbor 002

New York City aerial view of skyscrapers and buildings

New York City 003

New York buildings with rooftops

New York City 002

New York City, Manhattan and skyscrapers view, black and white photo

New York City 001

electric fuse on metal structure

Fuse 001

bridge structure with wooden beams and metal banister

Structure 005

rusty chain link fence attached to metal pole

Fence 008

chain link fence with rust, perspective

Fence 007

metal structure with crossed beams steel and broken windows

Structure 004

broken windows and steel beams on rusty metal structure

Structure 003

inclined rusty metal fence, chain link perspective

Fence 006

rusty chain link fence top perspective

Fence 005

cobblestones sidewalk in street

Cobbles 002

cobbles pavement for sidewalk in streets

Cobbles 001

broken windows on old factory wall with rusty plates

Windows 005

two windows on grey concrete wall

Windows 004

rusty fence perspective, chain link close-up

Fence 004

rusty chain link fence top with vanishing point

Fence 003

green leaves vine around barbed wire on fence

Barbwire 001

wooden jetty in harbor, port and water

Harbor 001

factory chimneys with square plates

Chimney 001

chain link fence with barbed wires

Fence 002

rusty chain link fence perspective, close-up

Fence 001

old window on rusty corrugated iron plates

Windows 003