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Stork Flying 002


Stork Babies 005


Stork Babies 004


Stork Babies 003


Stork Babies 002


Stork Babies 001


Butterflies Panorama 002


Butterflies Panorama 001

butterfly portrait of Transandean cattleheart on leaf

Butterfly 021

butterfly flying above leaves, Rumanzovia swallowtail

Butterfly 020

butterfly flying above flower and opening wings

Butterfly 019

rice paper on spruce tree branch

Butterfly 018

banded peacock butterfly on leaf with open wings

Butterfly 017

rice paper butterfly on leaf in plant

Butterfly 016

Rice paper butterfly upside down on flowers

Butterfly 015

eleides blue morpho butterfly gathering nectar

Butterfly 013

Rice paper butterfly macrophotography

Butterfly 012

butterfly on red flower, Transandean cattleheart

Butterfly 011

blue dragon fly on stump with leaves

Dragonfly 002

Peleides Blue morpho

Butterfly 010

butterfly laying eggs on leaf, Rumanzovia swallowtail

Butterfly 009

buterflies duo on plant stalk, blue morpho

Butterfly 008

butterfly wings close-up, Peleides Blue morpho

Butterfly 007

butterfly macro photography on leaf, Peleides Blue morpho

Butterfly 006

brown and yellow butterfly on stump

Butterfly 005

butterfly on the grass on blurry background

Butterfly 004

wings open butterfly on wooden jetty plank, Monarch

Butterfly 003

dragonfly with black and blue wings on reeds

Dragonfly 001

pigeon on rope holding boat

Bird 025

gull flying with blurry trees on background

Gull 002