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Kinney Lake in Robson Park in British Columbia

Lake 012

brown and yellow butterfly on stump

Butterfly 005

fir shrub on trunk on lake at Rawson Lake, Alberta

Trees 033

burned trees perspective with trunks and branches, Canadian forest

Trees 032

spruce stump in alpine forest in Canadian Rocky Mountains

Trees 031

Banff spruce tree on Moraine Lake turquoise water background

Trees 029

snowshoeing sign on tree trunk in Winter

Snowshoeing 001

squirrel on branch in low angle photo with autumn leaves

Squirrel 018

leaf on bark of trunk

Leaves 022

yellow maple leaf on bark of tree

Leaves 021

squirrel holding branch close-up, animal portrait

Squirrel 017

squirrel holding stick on branch on blurry tree trunk background

Squirrel 016

squirrel climbing on tree to reach nest in trunk hole

Squirrel 011

snow and moss covering tree trunk and branches

Snow Trees 007

scary trees on blue photo with vignetting

Trees 028

squirrel jumping behind tree root

Squirrel 007

moss on bark, Incense cedar Yosemite tree

Trees 026

moss on branches, Yosemite cedar tree bark

Trees 025

autumn leaves on water with reflection of trees with colors

Autumn 014

Fall season foliage with yellow leaves

Autumn 009

sunset reflection on snow in forest with tree trunk

Snow Trees 003

misty forest with spooky shaped oak trees

Mist 001

broken trees in forest with hole in trunk

Trees 023

squirrel standing on trunk covered with moss

Squirrel 006

decomposed tree stump with leaves in forest

Trees 022

broken trunk in the woods

Trees 021

tree trunk with moss and leaves

Trees 020

tree bark with leaves and plants in forest

Trees 019

sphagnum and moss with leaves in forest

Moss 010

sphagnum close-up on rock

Moss 009