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snow covering branches with sunlight and blue sky

Snow Trees 004

magnolia flowers on branch with blossoms

Flowers 024

Yosemite mountain cliff with tree on edge

Mountains 003

deer sitting on snow in Yosemite Park

Deer 004

moss on bark, Incense cedar Yosemite tree

Trees 026

moss on branches, Yosemite cedar tree bark

Trees 025

Fall season foliage with yellow leaves

Autumn 009

maple tree branch with creek behind

Leaves 011

sunset reflection on snow in forest with tree trunk

Snow Trees 003

mushrooms on tree trunk in forest

Mushrooms 003

chickadee bird standing on branch

Bird 014

broken trunk in the woods

Trees 021

tree bark with leaves and plants in forest

Trees 019

moss and lichen on rock with a fir tree brach

Moss 002

little pink flowers in tree

Flowers 010

bird standing on branches in tree

Bird 011

bark of trunk with leaves

Trees 012

tree trunk with bark and leaves

Trees 011

redwood sequoia trunk with branches in Zion Park

Trees 010

leave buds growing on a branch

Leaves 004

Autumn foliage with yellow leaves in branches

Autumn 005

frozen branches in a tree in winter

Trees 009

frozen branches in a tree during Winter

Trees 008

ice on branches during Winter

Trees 007

ice covering branches during Winter

Trees 006

fir tree branch in forest

Trees 005

fir tree tip close-up

Trees 004

branches of green fir tree in forest

Trees 003

lichen covering branch on tree

Trees 001

swan in Lake Neuch√Ętel with willow tree and Sun reflection

Swan 002