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fir tree shrub among rocks in mountain

Trees 035

black bear hugging tree in Jasper National Park

Bear 013

fir tree branch on torrent river

River 009

grizzly eating buffalo berries in Jasper park

Grizzly 001

fir shrub on trunk on lake at Rawson Lake, Alberta

Trees 033

burned trees perspective with trunks and branches, Canadian forest

Trees 032

spruce stump in alpine forest in Canadian Rocky Mountains

Trees 031

Banff spruce tree on Moraine Lake turquoise water background

Trees 029

Eight Hooter owl sleeping on branch in tree, Strix Varia

Bird 028

Barred Owl sleeping on branch in tree, Strix Varia

Bird 027

Striped Owl yawning on branch in woods, Strix Varia

Bird 026

French house with old window and balcony, magnolia flowers

Houses 002

moss and fungus on branches

Moss 014

garden HDR sunrise with sunlight through tree branches

Garden HDR 001

squirrel holding branch on tree with autumn leaves on background, low angle

Squirrel 019

squirrel on branch in low angle photo with autumn leaves

Squirrel 018

leaf on bark of trunk

Leaves 022

yellow maple leaf on bark of tree

Leaves 021

squirrel holding branch close-up, animal portrait

Squirrel 017

squirrel holding stick on branch on blurry tree trunk background

Squirrel 016

basketball basket rim and net with Autumn leaves

Basketball 001

squirrel climbing on tree to reach nest in trunk hole

Squirrel 011

squirrel on a trunk in forest

Squirrel 008

Pileated Woodpecker on tree on Autumn foliage background, Dryocopus pileatus

Bird 018

snow and moss covering tree trunk and branches

Snow Trees 007

pine needles covered by snow with a pine cone

Snow Trees 006

scary trees on blue photo with vignetting

Trees 028

spruce tree with needles and seeds, small cones

Trees 027

squirrel jumping behind tree root

Squirrel 007

snow covered trees beneath blue sky

Snow Trees 005