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lighthouse top with lantern and gallery, red metal stairs

Lighthouse 002

windmills on hills on blue sky

Windmill 001

Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco Bay in California

Golden Bridge 003

bridge structure with metal beams, Jacques Cartier Bridge, Montreal

Structure 008

metal bridge structure with beams and rust, Jacques Cartier Bridge, Montreal

Structure 007

Jacques Cartier Bridge, Montreal, road signals and lights

Signal 002

rusty metal structure on factory tower

Structure 006

Golden Gate Bridge towers, San Francisco bridge pillars

Golden Bridge 001

train in steel railway bridge with vanishing point

Railroad 002

train and wagons in steel railway bridge, vanishing point

Railroad 001

port quays and docks in Montreal Old Port, Quebec

Harbor 002

electric fuse on metal structure

Fuse 001

bridge structure with wooden beams and metal banister

Structure 005

metal structure with crossed beams steel and broken windows

Structure 004

broken windows and steel beams on rusty metal structure

Structure 003

sunlight on a cloudy sky

Clouds 001

metal arch structure with steel beams with cloudy sky

Structure 002

metal tower structure with steel beams bridge with cloudy sky

Structure 001