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lightpainting into cave with lights on stalactites and stalagmites

Cave 001

Cirque Peak in Banff National Park in Canada

Mountains 026

bighorn sheep portrait in Rocky Mountains

Bighorn Sheep 006

bighorn sheep close-up in Alberta Rockies

Bighorn Sheep 005

Athabasca River sunset in Jasper Park

River 013

Mount Temple in the Rockies, Banff National Park

Mountains 023

Mount Temple in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, in Banff Park

Mountains 021

Watermelon Peak in Rockies with stalked rocks

Mountains 020

fir tree shrub among rocks in mountain

Trees 035

Lake Louise HDR sunrise in Alberta Rocky Mountains

Lake HDR 004

Moraine Lake HDR in Alberta Rocky Mountains, Canada

Lake HDR 003

black bear eating buffalo berries in Rocky Mountains

Bear 010

black bear eating buffalo berries bushes in Banff Park

Bear 009

Iceline Trail in Yoho National Park, Canadian Rocky Mountains

Mountains 017

pika seating on rock in Rockies

Pika 004

Fairview mountain above Lake Louise in Banff Park

Mountains 015

Plain of Six Glaciers from Fairview mountain in Lake Louise

Mountains 014

Eiffel lake in Canadian Rockies, Banff Park

Mountains 012

snow-capped mountain and trees in talus, Haddo Peak in Banff Park

Mountains 009

ground squirrel close-up

Squirrel 025

clear lake water with rocks, Boom Lake, Alberta

Lake 010

prairie dog standing and screaming in front of his burrow

Prairie Dog 002

prairie dog on rock facing camera

Prairie Dog 001

reeds and rushes reflection in clear water

Lake 006

Agnes Lake with turquoise water in Banff Park, Alberta

Lake 004

sunbeams through fir trees at sunrise, Maligne Canyon, Alberta

Mist 003

mountain black spider in the Rockies

Spider 003

black spider on rock in Rocky Mountains

Spider 002

female bighorn sheep eating grass in front of lake

Bighorn Sheep 003

ground squirrel posing on rock with one leg

Ground Squirrel 013