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waterlily in pond at sunset with sky reflection on water

Waterlily 002

waterlily in pond with flower, swamp plant

Waterlily 001

japanese carp fish dorsal fin

Fish 003

reed leaves close up

Reed 003

thistle silhouettes on water with sunset reflection

Sunset 007

sunset in Camargue pond with thistle silhouettes

Sunset 006

HDR mountain view above forest with fir trees and maple trees

Mountain HDR 001

sunlight on algea on rocks Saint Lawrence River

Pond 003

Gulf of St Lawrence River border with algeas and water

Pond 002

pond in gulf of saint Lawrence River in Quebec

Pond 001

red sky at sunset through reed silhouettes

Sunset 002

red and blue sky at sunset with reed silhouettes

Sunset 001

egret in french Camargue bushes, white aigrette

Egret 001

panoramic photo of sunset over a pond with blue, red and orange sky with clouds

Panoramic 001

reeds stalks in swamp, Bulrush, Reedmace

Reed 002

Dwarf Cattail reeds in pond, Typha Minima

Reed 001