Plate photos, royalty free images of Plate

open drawer with rust in black and white picture

Drawer 003

drawers in black and white photo in abandoned office

Drawer 002

sealed up window, rusty corrugated iron and pigeon

Windows 7

wagon locks on train

Locks 005

damaged switch on wall on metal plate

Switch 001

railway container wagon

Train 002

train container wagon

Train 001

American breakfast with eggs, bacon, sausages, coffee and orange juice

Breakfast 002

breakfast with coffee, orange juice, eggs, bacon, sausages

Breakfast 001

rusty plates and corrugated iron wall with graffiti

Graffiti 001

rusty metal plate with bolts

Rust 005

rusty metal beam with bolts

Rust 004

metal beam with rusty bolts

Rust 003

factory chimneys with square plates

Chimney 001

rusty metal plate

Rust 001