Plants photos, royalty free images of Plants | Page 2

damaged blue painted wall with plants

Wall 001

thistle silhouettes at sunset in Camargue in France

Sunset 009

wild boar in bushes with reed and leaves

Wild Boar 001

moss and leaves on rock

Moss 013

mushrooms on tree trunk in forest

Mushrooms 003

black bear cub sitting on grass

Bear 005

cute kitten hiding behind rock

Cat 008

cute kitten portrait in nature

Cat 007

little cat walking in grass

Cat 006

cute little cat in grass with the sun

Cat 004

cute little kitten portrait

Cat 003

decomposed tree stump with leaves in forest

Trees 022

tree trunk with moss and leaves

Trees 020

tree bark with leaves and plants in forest

Trees 019

sphagnum and moss in forest

Moss 012

moss, sphagnum and leaves in the woods

Moss 011

sphagnum and moss with leaves in forest

Moss 010

leaves and plants on tree trunk in forest

Leaves 008

leaves on wet stump with fern

Leaves 007

the sprouting of leaves on a stump

Leaves 006

light on moss in the forest

Moss 001

young fern leaves on a stump

Fern 004

fern leave close-up

Fern 003

fern leaves with light

Fern 002

bracken leaves with sunlight

Fern 001

little white flowers and green leaves

Flowers 006

gull standing on ground with yellow flowers on grass

Gull 001

twisted green and brown bamboos in a bamboo forest

Bamboo 005

bamboos in a green forest of bamboos

Bamboo 004

twisted bamboo stalk in a bamboos forest

Bamboo 003