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Sunlight Grass 001

dandelion among plants and herbs at sunset

Dandelion 001

Gaillardia aristata, blanket flower, in the Rockies

Flowers 044

Senecio Triangularis flowers beside creek with water and sun sparkles, Arrowleaf Groundsel

Flowers 043

deer walking with photographic effect

Deer 011

male deer with antlers eating grass

Deer 010

elk eating grass in Jasper park

Elk 004

prairie dog standing and screaming in front of his burrow

Prairie Dog 002

small soil island in lake with clear water

Lake 007

reeds and rushes reflection in clear water

Lake 006

grizzly eating buffalo berries in Jasper park

Grizzly 001

Rocky Mountains pika eating grass beside rock in meadow in sunlight

Pika 001

Red-Eared Slider turtle on stump in pond with silt and alga in water

Turtle 001

duck seating on wooden jetty with blurry flowers on background

Duck 002

dragonfly with black and blue wings on reeds

Dragonfly 001

raccoons cuddling on grass

Raccoons 001

raccoon showing up, head appearing from behind rock

Raccoon 005

raccoon portrait facing camera in forest

Raccoon 003

tires HDR on grass and concrete

Tires HDR 002

used tires HDR on ground, asphalt and grass

Tires HDR 001

old tire on grass close up

Tires 006

old tires on grass

Tires 005

tire close-up on grass

Tires 004

tire close-up on grass with sunlight

Tires 003

tires on asphalt and grass

Tires 002

stalked tires on grass and asphalt

Tires 001

black bear cub in field with flowers and wild grass

Bear 006

blurry full Moon behind fence

Moon 004

Grand Canyon trails with plants in desert

Desert 004

violet lily, purple flower with leaves

Flowers 027