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mountains in mist with fir trees

Mountains 024

squirrel eating pine cone on a branch

Squirrel 031

squirrel eating cone in pine tree on branch

Squirrel 030

yellow pine needles during fall season

Autumn 041

pine tree branches in Autumn with yellow needles

Autumn 040

yellow and green pine needles in Autumn

Autumn 039

Autumn pine needles color in branches

Autumn 038

Autumn pine tree branches and needles

Autumn 037

yellow pine tree branch tip in Autumn

Autumn 032

pine tree branch tip in Autumn

Autumn 033

Autumn pine tree branch tip with needles close-up

Autumn 031

squirrel eating pine cone on branch

Squirrel 029

squirrel on pine tree branch

Squirrel 028

black bear hugging tree in Jasper National Park

Bear 013

brown bear among buffalo berries in Jasper Park

Bear 011

pine cones among branches

Cones 002

pine cones on branches

Cones 001

pine needles covered by snow with a pine cone

Snow Trees 006

spruce tree with needles and seeds, small cones

Trees 027

moss and lichen on rock with a fir tree brach

Moss 002

fir tree branches in forest

Trees 013