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fern leave lighted by the Sun

Fern 005

Western Capercaillie among branches and leaves

Spruce 001

little pink flowers in tree

Flowers 010

young fern leaves on a stump

Fern 004

fern leave close-up

Fern 003

fern leaves with light

Fern 002

bracken leaves with sunlight

Fern 001

bird standing on branches in tree

Bird 011

little white flowers and green leaves

Flowers 006

little river in the forest with trees and rocks

River 003

sunbeams through branches, trees in fog

Fog 001

tree trunk with bark and leaves

Trees 011

chipmunk putting almond in mouth

Chipmunk 003

chipmunk eating almonds and nuts

Chipmunk 002

bee upside down on flower to collect pollen

Bee 006

leave buds growing on a branch

Leaves 004

sunlight on bracken leaves in Autumn

Autumn 006

Autumn foliage with yellow leaves in branches

Autumn 005

squirrel standing among leaves in Autumn

Squirrel 001

plants covered by raindrops

Drop 005

raindrops on plant leaves

Drop 004

raindrops like pearls on leaves of a plant

Drop 003

water drops on leaves after rain

Drop 002

color leaves on branch in Autumn

Autumn 004

colored leaves on tree during Autumn

Leaves 001

raindrops on leaves, water on plants

Drop 001

autumn forest with maple trees and leaves during fall

Autumn 003

chipmunk showing head on trunk with colored leaves

Chipmunk 001

tree bud on branch tip

Blossom 001