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red rose petals in black and white picture with leaves and thorns

Flowers Art 002

black and white flower photo with red rose and petals

Flowers Art 001

broken trees in forest with hole in trunk

Trees 023

rose flower with thorns and pink petals

Flowers 013

Salagou lake HDR with reeds and hill

Lake HDR 001

reed leaves close up

Reed 003

Vis river HDR with turquoise water surrounded by trees and bushes

River HDR 002

young moose in woods with branches and green leaves

Moose 007

moose portrait in forest among branches

Moose 006

sunlight through green leaves in hdr photography

Leaves HDR 001

sunset at Salagou Lake with reeds and cloudy sky

Lake 003

Salagou Lake sunset with sunlight reflection in water

Lake 002

squirrel standing on trunk covered with moss

Squirrel 006

bramble close up with thorns and leaves

Bramble 002

bramble thorns and leaves close up shot

Bramble 001

decomposed tree stump with leaves in forest

Trees 022

tree trunk with moss and leaves

Trees 020

tree bark with leaves and plants in forest

Trees 019

sphagnum and moss in forest

Moss 012

moss, sphagnum and leaves in the woods

Moss 011

mushrooms in sphagnum and moss

Mushrooms 002

leaves and moss on the ground in forest

Leaves 010

wet green leaves on moss or rock

Leaves 009

leaves and plants on tree trunk in forest

Leaves 008

fern with a colored leaf in the woods

Fern 008

Sunbeams through tree branches and leaves HDR

Sunlight HDR 002

Sun light through tree branches and leaves HDR

Sunlight HDR 001

yellow and orange flower close up

Flowers 011

green fern in the woods

Fern 007

bracken in the forest

Fern 006