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Autumn oak leaves color, yellow and orange colors

Autumn 030

yellow oak leaf among orange leaves in Autumn

Autumn 029

Autumn oak leaf color, yellow and orange

Autumn 028

Halloween vegetables in basket, with pumpkins and squashes

Halloween Vegetables 002

Halloween vegetables, with pumpkins and squashes in basket

Halloween Vegetables 001

red crossbill eating seeds on branch

Bird 042

Senecio Triangularis flowers beside creek with water and sun sparkles, Arrowleaf Groundsel

Flowers 043

male deer with antlers eating

Deer 012

Rosebay Willowherb plant and flower on dark background, Great Willow-Herb

Flowers 042

black bear hugging tree in Jasper National Park

Bear 013

mushroom among herbs and twigs in forest

Mushroom 006

mountain black spider in the Rockies

Spider 003

Alberta wildflowers Meadow Rue on blurry leaves background

Flowers 040

black spider on rocks in Alberta

Spider 004

mushroom close-up beside plants and rocks

Mushrooms 005

mushrooms among herbs and grass

Mushrooms 004

chickadee, Poecile Atricapillus, bird on wooden fence with leaves on background

Bird 031

chickadee on branch in blurry leaves background, Poecile Atricapillus

Bird 030

chickadee in tree close-up, Poecile Atricapillus

Bird 029

squirrel standing on wooden fence pole

Squirrel 022

squirrel eating nut and standing on wood fence

Squirrel 021

purple leaves with veins

Leaves 023

waterlily flower on water in lake

Waterlily 004

cracked dry ground and soil

Ground 002

cracks and splits on dry soil, dryness

Ground 001

Phyllostachys Edulis, Heterocycla, Kikko bamboo stalks

Bamboo 015

bamboos in green forest

Bamboo 014

different colors bamboos in forest

Bamboo 013

bamboo stalks with different shapes

Bamboo 009

bamboos and palm tree leaves in forest

Bamboo 008