Leaf photos, royalty free images of Leaf


Panorama Nature 005


Card White Autumn Foliage 001


Card Black Autumn Foliage 001


Fall Season 002


Autumn Foliage HDR 001


Fall Season 001


Bamboos Panorama 001

butterfly portrait of Transandean cattleheart on leaf

Butterfly 021

butterfly flying above flower and opening wings

Butterfly 019

banded peacock butterfly on leaf with open wings

Butterfly 017

rice paper butterfly on leaf in plant

Butterfly 016

butterfly laying eggs on leaf, Rumanzovia swallowtail

Butterfly 009

Autumn leaves suspending in branches

Autumn 036

Autumn maple leaves in branches

Autumn 035

maple leaves in branches in Autumn

Autumn 034

Autumn oak leaves color, yellow and orange colors

Autumn 030

yellow oak leaf among orange leaves in Autumn

Autumn 029

Autumn oak leaf color, yellow and orange

Autumn 028

leaf on bark of trunk

Leaves 022

yellow maple leaf on bark of tree

Leaves 021

leave on bench with raindrops

Bench 002

water drops and leaves on bench

Bench 001

raindrops on leaf fallen to the ground

Drop 006

red leaf floating on water in lake

Autumn 025

rose flower with pink petals and thorns

Flowers 012

bark of trunk with leaves

Trees 012

palm leaf with nervures and veins

Leaves 003

lonely leaf on green grass

Leaves 002

orange maple leaf on gravels during fall season

Autumn 002

red maple leaf on grass in Autumn

Autumn 001