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Mer Glace 002


Mer Glace 001


Mountain Sunset Flare 001


Mountain Pond 001


Frozen Pond Sunset 001


Panorama Aletsch Glacier 001


Glacier Ice 002


Glacier Ice 001

ice on window in winter

Ice 003

Angel Glacier in Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada

Glacier 001

pain pot with rust on ice in sunlight

Pot 001

frozen restaurant sign in winter with stalactites

Restaurant 001

rock impact in water and ice

Impact 005

ice drop on pine needles in winter with snow

Ice Drop 002

sunset reflection on snow in forest with tree trunk

Snow Trees 003

branch silhouettes at sunset

Sunset 003

ice stalactites with light

Ice 002

stalactites with ice in the sunlight

Ice 001

frozen branches in a tree in winter

Trees 009

frozen branches in a tree during Winter

Trees 008

ice on branches during Winter

Trees 007

ice covering branches during Winter

Trees 006

impact in water and ice on black and white photography

Impact 004

breaking ice after impact close-up

Impact 003

impact on water with ice in winter

Impact 002

impact on water with ice, black and white photo

Impact 001

water drop falling from ice stalactite

Ice Drop 001