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Red Fox Cub 001


Creepy Doll 007


Creepy Doll 006


Creepy Doll 005

butterfly portrait of Transandean cattleheart on leaf

Butterfly 021

rice paper on spruce tree branch

Butterfly 018

rice paper butterfly on leaf in plant

Butterfly 016

asian swallowtail butterfly on yellow flower

Butterfly 014

eleides blue morpho butterfly gathering nectar

Butterfly 013

butterfly on red flower, Transandean cattleheart

Butterfly 011

Peleides Blue morpho

Butterfly 010

butterfly laying eggs on leaf, Rumanzovia swallowtail

Butterfly 009

buterflies duo on plant stalk, blue morpho

Butterfly 008

butterfly macro photography on leaf, Peleides Blue morpho

Butterfly 006

Garter snake crawling and sticking forked tongue out, Thamnophis Sirtalis

Snake 001

squirrel eating nut on piece of wood, close-up

Squirrel 023

duck seating on wooden jetty with blurry flowers on background

Duck 002

duck portrait on blurry background with pond flowers

Duck 001

squirrel on wooden jetty planks with sunlight and shades

Squirrel 020

dragonfly with black and blue wings on reeds

Dragonfly 001

raccoons cuddling on grass

Raccoons 001

aggressive racoon with mouth open, showing teeth

Raccoon 007

raccoon portrait with sunlight on face at sunset

Raccoon 006

raccoon showing up, head appearing from behind rock

Raccoon 005

chipmunk eating almonds on rock

Chipmunk 004

deer portrait in forest in Zion Park

Deer 003

horse front face and eyes

Horse 003

marmot showing head out of burrow

Marmot 002