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raccoon hugging tree and climbing on trunk

Raccoon 013

raccoon among branches in tree in Winter

Raccoon 012

raccoon hiding behing tree in Winter

Raccoon 011

raccoon on branch with snow in Winter

Raccoon 010

raccoon sitting on branch with snow on tree in Winter

Raccoon 009

raccoon in snow in Winter on Mount Royal

Raccoon 008

ground squirrel close-up

Squirrel 025

grizzly eating buffalo berries in Jasper park

Grizzly 001

ground squirrel posing on rock with one leg

Ground Squirrel 013

ground squirrel seating on rock

Ground Squirrel 012

funny fat squirrel seating on rock

Ground Squirrel 011

ground squirrel standing on rocks holding hands with claws

Ground Squirrel 009

ground squirrel standing on rock with Lake Louise on background

Ground Squirrel 008

ground squirrel portrait with turquoise water on background

Ground Squirrel 007

ground squirrel appearing from behind rock

Ground Squirrel 006

squirrel behind rock showing up and putting hands together

Ground Squirrel 005

squirrel standing on rock, inclining head and putting hands together

Ground Squirrel 004

squirrel standing and looking on rock and putting hands together

Ground Squirrel 003

squirrel eating flower while standing up

Ground Squirrel 002

squirrel holding nut, close-up photo

Ground Squirrel 001

squirrel eating nut on piece of wood, close-up

Squirrel 023

squirrel standing on wooden fence pole

Squirrel 022

squirrel eating nut and standing on wood fence

Squirrel 021

squirrel on wooden jetty planks with sunlight and shades

Squirrel 020

raccoons cuddling on grass

Raccoons 001

aggressive racoon with mouth open, showing teeth

Raccoon 007

raccoon portrait with sunlight on face at sunset

Raccoon 006

raccoon showing up, head appearing from behind rock

Raccoon 005

raccoon black and white portrait

Raccoon 004

raccoon portrait facing camera in forest

Raccoon 003