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trunk eaten by beavers

Trees 014

fir tree branches in forest

Trees 013

little river in the forest with trees and rocks

River 003

porcupine bristling stiff guard hairs

Porcupine 001

river and trees in La Mauricie National Park in Quebec

River 002

sunbeams through branches, trees in fog

Fog 001

chipmunk eating nuts on rock

Chipmunk 005

chipmunk eating almonds on rock

Chipmunk 004

chipmunk putting almond in mouth

Chipmunk 003

chipmunk eating almonds and nuts

Chipmunk 002

redwood sequoia trunk with branches in Zion Park

Trees 010

deer portrait in forest in Zion Park

Deer 003

deer in forest with snow during Winter

Deer 002

deer in Winter on snowy ground

Deer 001

leave buds growing on a branch

Leaves 004

frog on moss, toad on lichen

Frog 001

female moose in forest with fir trees

Moose 003

moose cow looking in forest with fir trees

Moose 002

sunlight on bracken leaves in Autumn

Autumn 006

moose male seating and eating in woods

Moose 001

fir tree branch in forest

Trees 005

fir tree tip close-up

Trees 004

lichen covering branch on tree

Trees 001

squirrel on branch in tree in forest

Squirrel 003

baby squirrel eating pine cone

Squirrel 002

autumn forest with maple trees and leaves during fall

Autumn 003