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Stork Flying 002

black feather of bird with raindrops on grass with dew

Feather 001

hawk standing on ground beside tree, Alberta bird

Bird 043

Whiskey Jack bird on a branch in the Rocky Mountains, Perisoreus Canadensis

Bird 036

Canada Jay bird on branch in Rocky Mountains, Perisoreus Canadensis

Bird 033

Grey Jay bird on tree branch with Rockies on backgound, Perisoreus Canadensis

Bird 032

chickadee, Poecile Atricapillus, bird on wooden fence with leaves on background

Bird 031

chickadee on branch in blurry leaves background, Poecile Atricapillus

Bird 030

chickadee in tree close-up, Poecile Atricapillus

Bird 029

duck seating on wooden jetty with blurry flowers on background

Duck 002

duck portrait on blurry background with pond flowers

Duck 001

Eight Hooter owl sleeping on branch in tree, Strix Varia

Bird 028

Barred Owl sleeping on branch in tree, Strix Varia

Bird 027

Striped Owl yawning on branch in woods, Strix Varia

Bird 026

heron standing on rock in lake with clouds reflection in water

Bird 023

pigeons eating on the ground near autumn leaves

Bird 022

heron on rocks beside river water

Bird 021

gull landing on rock in river, bird flying with open wings

Gull 003

gull flying with blurry trees on background

Gull 002

Pileated Woodpecker on tree on Autumn foliage background, Dryocopus pileatus

Bird 018

great blue heron standing with reeds in south of France

Bird 015

chickadee bird standing on branch

Bird 014

heron bird portrait with long neck and feather

Bird 013

heron portrait with long beack

Bird 012

Northern Gannets couple cleaning with beaks

Bird 008

white feather on green grass

Bird 007

Northern Gannet brood egg in nest on ground

Bird 006

Northern Gannet face portrait with blue eyes

Bird 005

red cardinal on branch, bird in tree and blue sky

Bird 004

goose landing on water in lake

Goose 004