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Red Fox Cub 001


Creepy Doll 007


Creepy Doll 006


Creepy Doll 005


Funny Horse Face 001


Black Aspic Viper 001


Bird Of Prey Flying 002


Bird Of Prey Flying 001

butterfly portrait of Transandean cattleheart on leaf

Butterfly 021

old creepy doll with dress and paint srapy on face

Creepy Doll 004

rice paper on spruce tree branch

Butterfly 018

rice paper butterfly on leaf in plant

Butterfly 016

asian swallowtail butterfly on yellow flower

Butterfly 014

eleides blue morpho butterfly gathering nectar

Butterfly 013

butterfly on red flower, Transandean cattleheart

Butterfly 011

Peleides Blue morpho

Butterfly 010

butterfly laying eggs on leaf, Rumanzovia swallowtail

Butterfly 009

buterflies duo on plant stalk, blue morpho

Butterfly 008

butterfly macro photography on leaf, Peleides Blue morpho

Butterfly 006

winter party doll on snow, lighted by burning sparkler, lightpainting

Party Doll 001

creepy doll face with spray paint splatters

Creepy Doll 003

creepy doll portrait with spray paint splatters

Creepy Doll 002

old fashioned doll sitting on rusty metal frame

Creepy Doll 001

bighorn sheep portrait in Rocky Mountains

Bighorn Sheep 006

bighorn sheep close-up in Alberta Rockies

Bighorn Sheep 005

ground squirrel close-up

Squirrel 025

marmot in meadow in Canadian Rocky Mountains

Marmot 006

canadian marmot in the prairie in Alberta

Marmot 005

female bighorn sheep eating grass in front of lake

Bighorn Sheep 003

female bighorn sheep eating grass close-up

Bighorn Sheep 002