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cows facing each other, face to face

Cows 004


Chamois 001

young elks eating in meadow in Alberta

Elk 005

mushrooms on a moss carpet in forest

Mushrooms 007

raccoons cuddling on grass

Raccoons 001

bee landing on flower to collect nectar

Bee 009

two windows on grey concrete wall

Windows 004

butterflies spreading wings on road asphalt

Butterfly 001

young fern leaves on a stump

Fern 004

baby moose and moose cow mother in forest

Moose 005

bees duo on flower collecting pollen

Bee 007

Northern Gannet on Bonaventure Island in Quebec

Bird 010

Northern Gannets cuddling on Bonaventure Island in Gaspesie

Bird 009

Northern Gannets couple cleaning with beaks

Bird 008