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burned trees perspective with trunks and branches, Canadian forest

Trees 032

Whiskey Jack bird on a branch in the Rocky Mountains, Perisoreus Canadensis

Bird 036

Canada Jay bird on branch in Rocky Mountains, Perisoreus Canadensis

Bird 033

Grey Jay bird on tree branch with Rockies on backgound, Perisoreus Canadensis

Bird 032

Banff spruce tree on Moraine Lake turquoise water background

Trees 029

pine cones among branches

Cones 002

pine cones on branches

Cones 001

chickadee, Poecile Atricapillus, bird on wooden fence with leaves on background

Bird 031

chickadee on branch in blurry leaves background, Poecile Atricapillus

Bird 030

chickadee in tree close-up, Poecile Atricapillus

Bird 029

abandoned house in countryside, blue tint photo

Abandoned House 08

Eight Hooter owl sleeping on branch in tree, Strix Varia

Bird 028

Barred Owl sleeping on branch in tree, Strix Varia

Bird 027

Striped Owl yawning on branch in woods, Strix Varia

Bird 026

abandoned house among bushes and tree in HDR photograph

Abandoned House 03

abandoned house photograph with color effect

Abandoned House 01

mud field and trees under cloudy sky in Quebec

Field 003

abandoned barn in mud field HDR photo with cloudy sky

Barn HDR 003

barns in field during storm with clouds in HDR photo

Barn HDR 002

abandoned barn in mud and corn field in HDR

Barn HDR 001

abandoned barn in mud field under cloudy sky

Barn 003

Montreal city view from Mount Royal with Autumn leaves

Montreal 002

Montreal skyline from Mount Royal in Autumn

Montreal 001

squirrel holding branch on tree with autumn leaves on background, low angle

Squirrel 019

squirrel holding branch close-up, animal portrait

Squirrel 017

snow and moss covering tree trunk and branches

Snow Trees 007

scary trees on blue photo with vignetting

Trees 028

spruce tree with needles and seeds, small cones

Trees 027

moose cow eating leaves in the forest

Moose 008

green maple leaves with blurry effect

Leaves 017