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red fairy lights in tree with gleam light

Christmas Light 002

red Christmas lights in tree for Holiday Season

Christmas Light 001

yellow pine needles during fall season

Autumn 041

pine tree branches in Autumn with yellow needles

Autumn 040

yellow and green pine needles in Autumn

Autumn 039

Autumn pine needles color in branches

Autumn 038

Autumn leaves suspending in branches

Autumn 036

Autumn pine tree branches and needles

Autumn 037

Autumn maple leaves in branches

Autumn 035

maple leaves in branches in Autumn

Autumn 034

yellow pine tree branch tip in Autumn

Autumn 032

pine tree branch tip in Autumn

Autumn 033

Autumn pine tree branch tip with needles close-up

Autumn 031

Autumn oak leaves color, yellow and orange colors

Autumn 030

brown bear eating buffalo berries in bushes in Alberta

Bear 015

brown bear eating buffalo berries in Rockies near Jasper Town

Bear 014

Kinney Lake along the Berg Trail, black and white photo

Lake 014

red crossbill eating seeds on branch

Bird 042

squirrel on pine tree branch

Squirrel 028

squirrel seating on branch in tree

Squirrel 027

squirrel looking on branch in pine tree

Squirrel 026

red grouse bird on fir tree branch in the Rockies

Bird 041

willow ptarmigan bird in fir tree in Alberta

Bird 040

fir tree shrub among rocks in mountain

Trees 035

sunlight on moss on trunk in forest

Moss 015

brown bear among buffalo berries in Jasper Park

Bear 011

Kinney Lake in Robson Park in British Columbia

Lake 012

mushrooms on a moss carpet in forest

Mushrooms 007

squirrel eating pine cone among branches

Squirrel 024

mushroom among herbs and twigs in forest

Mushroom 006