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squirrel on branch in low angle photo with autumn leaves

Squirrel 018

squirrel holding stick on branch on blurry tree trunk background

Squirrel 016

sunlight through green leaves in branches

Leaves 020

snow and moss covering tree trunk and branches

Snow Trees 007

pine needles covered by snow with a pine cone

Snow Trees 006

spruce tree with needles and seeds, small cones

Trees 027

dew drops on spruce branch tip

Drop 007

ice drop on pine needles in winter with snow

Ice Drop 002

yellow and orange leaves in Autumn with sunlight

Autumn 026

Autumn sunlight on yellow and orange leaves

Autumn 024

sunlight on yellow leaves in Autumn

Autumn 020

yellow leaves and branches on blurry background

Autumn 019

light through leaves with yellow colors in Autumn

Autumn 018

branch and leaves with sunlight in Autumn

Autumn 017

broken trunk in the woods

Trees 021

fir tree branch close-up

Trees 015

trunk eaten by beavers

Trees 014

leave buds growing on a branch

Leaves 004

Autumn foliage with yellow leaves in branches

Autumn 005

frozen branches in a tree in winter

Trees 009

frozen branches in a tree during Winter

Trees 008

ice on branches during Winter

Trees 007

ice covering branches during Winter

Trees 006

lichen covering branch on tree

Trees 001

tree bud on branch tip

Blossom 001