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Northern Gannets cuddling on Bonaventure Island in Gaspesie

Bird 009

Northern Gannets couple cleaning with beaks

Bird 008

white feather on green grass

Bird 007

Northern Gannet face portrait with blue eyes

Bird 005

red cardinal on branch, bird in tree and blue sky

Bird 004

goose landing on water in lake

Goose 004

Grand Canyon bird on branch in bushes

Bird 003

gull standing on ground with yellow flowers on grass

Gull 001

goose wing close-up with feather

Goose 003

goose hiding head like decapitated

Goose 002

goose portrait with water on background

Goose 001

bird standing on rock in Grand Canyon Park

Bird 002

egret in french Camargue bushes, white aigrette

Egret 001

swan in Lake Neuch√Ętel with willow tree and Sun reflection

Swan 002

white swan in Lake Leman in Geneva

Swan 001

bird in branches at sunset with bright lights

Bird 001