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Stork Flying 002


Stork Babies 005


Stork Babies 004


Stork Babies 003


Stork Babies 002


Stork Babies 001


Bird Of Prey Flying 002


Bird Of Prey Flying 001


Bird Branch Night 001

pink flamingo standing in water with small waves

Pink Flamingo 011

pink flamingo in Camargue at sunset with water reflection

Pink Flamingo 010

pink flamingo looking in water with waves

Pink Flamingo 009

black feather of bird with raindrops on grass with dew

Feather 001

pink flamingo with long neck standing in water

Pink Flamingo 008

South of France flamingo in pond

Pink Flamingo 007

hawk standing on ground beside tree, Alberta bird

Bird 043

pink flamingo looking while standing in pond

Pink Flamingo 006

pink flamingo lowering head down

Pink Flamingo 005

pink flamingo opening beak while standing in water

Pink Flamingo 004

pink flamingo on one leg in water

Pink Flamingo 003

pink flamingo in pond in Camargue in South of France

Pink Flamingo 002

pink flamingo standing in pond in South of France

Pink Flamingo 001

sealed up window, rusty corrugated iron and pigeon

Windows 7

red crossbill eating seeds on branch

Bird 042

red grouse bird on fir tree branch in the Rockies

Bird 041

willow ptarmigan bird in fir tree in Alberta

Bird 040

red grouse standing on trail in Alberta

Bird 039

willow grouse standing on hiking trail

Bird 038

willow grouse standing on ground

Bird 037

Whiskey Jack bird on a branch in the Rocky Mountains, Perisoreus Canadensis

Bird 036