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bee flying to flower

Bee 014

bee gathering pollen on flower

Bee 013

fly looks like bee on yellow flower

Fly 001

bee on big purple flower gathering pollen

Bee 012

bee collecting nectar on coneflower

Bee 011

bee on coneflower

Bee 010

bee landing on flower to collect nectar

Bee 009

bee collecting nectar on flower

Bee 008

bees duo on flower collecting pollen

Bee 007

bee upside down on flower to collect pollen

Bee 006

bee on flower gathering pollen

Bee 005

bee on daisy Asteraceae, Echinacea

Bee 004

bee gathering pollen on coneflower

Bee 003

bee collecting pollen on flower

Bee 002

bee on flower collecting pollen

Bee 001