Bark photos, royalty free images of Bark


Autumn Foliage HDR 001

raccoon hugging tree and climbing on trunk

Raccoon 013

raccoon among branches in tree in Winter

Raccoon 012

raccoon hiding behing tree in Winter

Raccoon 011

raccoon on branch with snow in Winter

Raccoon 010

raccoon sitting on branch with snow on tree in Winter

Raccoon 009

squirrel eating pine cone on branch

Squirrel 029

squirrel seating on branch in tree

Squirrel 027

hole in tree trunk with moss

Trees 037

black bear hugging tree in Jasper National Park

Bear 013

snowshoeing sign on tree trunk in Winter

Snowshoeing 001

squirrel holding branch on tree with autumn leaves on background, low angle

Squirrel 019

squirrel on branch in low angle photo with autumn leaves

Squirrel 018

leaf on bark of trunk

Leaves 022

yellow maple leaf on bark of tree

Leaves 021

squirrel climbing on tree to reach nest in trunk hole

Squirrel 011

snow and moss covering tree trunk and branches

Snow Trees 007

moss on bark, Incense cedar Yosemite tree

Trees 026

moss on branches, Yosemite cedar tree bark

Trees 025

mushrooms on tree trunk in forest

Mushrooms 003

broken trees in forest with hole in trunk

Trees 023

squirrel standing on trunk covered with moss

Squirrel 006

decomposed tree stump with leaves in forest

Trees 022

broken trunk in the woods

Trees 021

tree trunk with moss and leaves

Trees 020

tree bark with leaves and plants in forest

Trees 019

wet green leaves on moss or rock

Leaves 009

tree trunk in the forest

Trees 018

trunk eaten by beavers

Trees 014

bark of trunk with leaves

Trees 012