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plumbing accessories on floor

Plumbing 002

plumbing tools on floor

Plumbing 001

washing machine close-up

Washing Machine 01

lock and chain locking door

Locks 004

old wooden bench with rusty elements

Bench 003

garden gnomes on swing, with red hoods

Garden Gnomes 03

garden gnome seating on old chair among leaves

Garden Gnomes 02

garden gnome seating on old chair close-up

Garden Gnomes 01

old barrel, western style and wheel

Barrel 001

broken television on floor

Television 002

broken television screen on floor

Television 001

paint texture peeling on wall

Texture 002

crackling paint texture on old wall

Texture 001

open drawer on old and rusty desk

Drawer 001

door handle close-up with key hole

Door 003

golden door handle close-up

Door 002

rusty lock on door, larch plate, targette

Locks 003

rusty lock close-up, targette, larch plate

Locks 002

holding hands on statue in black and white picture

Hands 001

statue feet in black and white picture

Feet 001

old tire on grass close up

Tires 006

old tires on grass

Tires 005

tire close-up on grass

Tires 004

tire close-up on grass with sunlight

Tires 003

tires on asphalt and grass

Tires 002

stalked tires on grass and asphalt

Tires 001

raindrops on car bodywork

Drop 010

windmills on hills on blue sky

Windmill 001

cannonballs aligned

Cannonball 001

railway container wagon

Train 002