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Pyramid Lake at sunset in Jasper National Park, Canada

Sunset 012

clouds reflection at sunset at Pyramid Lake, Jasper Park

Sunset 011

sunset reflection on water, Pyramid Lake, Jasper, Alberta

Sunset 010

stars above spruce trees top, forest at night

Stars 002

starry sky above forest with cloudsin Yoho Park

Stars 001

fir shrub on trunk on lake at Rawson Lake, Alberta

Trees 033

burned trees perspective with trunks and branches, Canadian forest

Trees 032

spruce stump in alpine forest in Canadian Rocky Mountains

Trees 031

mushroom close-up beside plants and rocks

Mushrooms 005

mushrooms among herbs and grass

Mushrooms 004

Rockies blanket flower on blurry background, Gaillardia Aristata

Flowers 037

spruce and fir trees forest silhouette at sunset

Trees 030

Banff spruce tree on Moraine Lake turquoise water background

Trees 029

pine cone on branch on blurry background

Cones 003

pine cones among branches

Cones 002

pine cones on branches

Cones 001

mountain silhouettes at sunset, Canadian Rockies

Mountains 005

mountain summit in clouds in black and white photo in Rockies

Mountains 004

purple leaves with veins

Leaves 023

Moon with clouds in sky

Moon 007

moon in blue sky with cloud

Moon 006

Moon hidden by clouds in blue sky

Moon 005

yellow flowers on blue background

Flowers 036

flowers with yellow petals on blurry background

Flowers 035

waterlily flower on water in lake

Waterlily 004

cracked dry ground and soil

Ground 002

cracks and splits on dry soil, dryness

Ground 001

bamboo stalk close-up, Phyllostachys Edulis, Heterocycla, Kikko

Bamboo 016

Phyllostachys Edulis, Heterocycla, Kikko bamboo stalks

Bamboo 015

bamboos in green forest

Bamboo 014