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swiss mountains with meadow and rocks

Mountains 001

stairs to the sky, made of wood and surrounded by bushes

Stairs 001

plants covered by raindrops

Drop 005

raindrops on plant leaves

Drop 004

raindrops like pearls on leaves of a plant

Drop 003

water drops on leaves after rain

Drop 002

lonely leaf on green grass

Leaves 002

color leaves on branch in Autumn

Autumn 004

Inukshuk with stacked rocks in Canada

Rocks 001

twisted green and brown bamboos in a bamboo forest

Bamboo 005

reeds stalks in swamp, Bulrush, Reedmace

Reed 002

Dwarf Cattail reeds in pond, Typha Minima

Reed 001

bamboos in a green forest of bamboos

Bamboo 004

twisted bamboo stalk in a bamboos forest

Bamboo 003

yellow bamboos in the forest

Bamboo 002

green bamboo forest with bamboo leaves

Bamboo 001

magnolia flowers on tree and branches

Flowers 002

magnolia flowers on branches

Flowers 001

underwater photography with air bubbles

Bubble 001

breaking ice after impact close-up

Impact 003

impact on water with ice in winter

Impact 002

impact on water with ice, black and white photo

Impact 001

colored leaves on tree during Autumn

Leaves 001

water drop falling from ice stalactite

Ice Drop 001

raindrops on leaves, water on plants

Drop 001

autumn forest with maple trees and leaves during fall

Autumn 003

orange maple leaf on gravels during fall season

Autumn 002

red maple leaf on grass in Autumn

Autumn 001

snow-capped trees with sky and clouds in winter

Snow Trees 001

tree bud on branch tip

Blossom 001