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crab underwater in the sea with small waves and sand shapes

Crab 005

American Goldfinch on branch, Carduelis tristis

Bird 020

wood grouse standing on trail with grass, Tetrao Urogallus

Bird 019

Pileated Woodpecker on tree on Autumn foliage background, Dryocopus pileatus

Bird 018

swiss cow with bell around neck eating grass in pasture

Cows 003

swiss cow eating grass in meadow

Cows 002

dead crab on weed on beach

Crab 004

Western Capercaillie in forest, Heather Cock in woods

Bird 017

fly looks like bee on yellow flower

Fly 001

butterfly spread wings on flower

Butterfly 002

squirrel jumping behind tree root

Squirrel 007

porcupine facing camera in forest

Porcupine 002

moose cow eating leaves in the forest

Moose 008

bee on big purple flower gathering pollen

Bee 012

bee collecting nectar on coneflower

Bee 011

bee on coneflower

Bee 010

baby ducks in water in pond

Ducks 001

fishes in river breathing at surface

Fish 006

common Moorhen in Camargue, swamp chicken in bushes

Bird 016

great blue heron standing with reeds in south of France

Bird 015

swiss cow in pasture land in Switzerland

Cows 001

wild board in South of France in Camargue at sunset among reed

Wild Boar 002

wild boar in bushes with reed and leaves

Wild Boar 001

crab underwater with leaves floating

Crab 003

deer sitting on snow in Yosemite Park

Deer 004

fish skeleton with fins on rocks

Fish 005

seal laying on rock near Bonaventure Island

Seal 003

grey seal on rocks with waves on Bonaventure Island

Seal 002

black bear cub sitting on grass

Bear 005

chickadee bird standing on branch

Bird 014