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raccoon portrait facing camera in forest

Raccoon 003

raccoon portrait on blurry leaves background

Raccoon 002

cute raccoon holding hands together like human

Raccoon 001

Eight Hooter owl sleeping on branch in tree, Strix Varia

Bird 028

Barred Owl sleeping on branch in tree, Strix Varia

Bird 027

Striped Owl yawning on branch in woods, Strix Varia

Bird 026

black bear cub in field with flowers and wild grass

Bear 006

water strider walking on grey water

Water Strider 001

squirrel holding branch on tree with autumn leaves on background, low angle

Squirrel 019

squirrel on branch in low angle photo with autumn leaves

Squirrel 018

squirrel holding branch close-up, animal portrait

Squirrel 017

squirrel holding stick on branch on blurry tree trunk background

Squirrel 016

squirrel eating apple on bench, close-up photography

Squirrel 015

squirrel eating fruit on bench

Squirrel 014

squirrel eating apple on bench on blurry background with Autumn colors

Squirrel 013

squirrel holding apple on bench on blurry background with Autumn colors

Squirrel 012

pigeon on rope holding boat

Bird 025

chickadee bird eating seeds, Poecile Atricapillus

Bird 024

bee gathering pollen on flower

Bee 013

kitten showing head, hiding behind rock

Cat 009

squirrel climbing on tree to reach nest in trunk hole

Squirrel 011

frog on rock with water reflection

Frog 002

squirrel standing on grass with Autumn leaves

Squirrel 010

heron standing on rock in lake with clouds reflection in water

Bird 023

pigeons eating on the ground near autumn leaves

Bird 022

heron on rocks beside river water

Bird 021

squirrel eating pine cone close up

Squirrel 009

squirrel on a trunk in forest

Squirrel 008

gull landing on rock in river, bird flying with open wings

Gull 003

gull flying with blurry trees on background

Gull 002