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female bighorn sheep eating grass in front of lake

Bighorn Sheep 003

female bighorn sheep eating grass close-up

Bighorn Sheep 002

bighorn sheeps flock in the Rockies

Bighorn Sheep 001

grizzly eating buffalo berries in Jasper park

Grizzly 001

brown and yellow butterfly on stump

Butterfly 005

young male elk with antlers in forest, Alberta

Elk 003

big male elk with mouth open and antlers in Banff Park

Elk 002

elk eating plant in meadow in Alberta

Elk 001

ground squirrel posing on rock with one leg

Ground Squirrel 013

ground squirrel seating on rock

Ground Squirrel 012

marmot laying on rock under sun in Banff Park

Marmot 004

marmot portrait on rock in Alberta

Marmot 003

black spider on rocks in Alberta

Spider 004

funny fat squirrel seating on rock

Ground Squirrel 011

deer tongue licking ground

Deer 009

deer portrait with antlers in Alberta

Deer 008

male deer standing front of lake and forest, Kananaskis

Deer 007

chipmunk eating nut on rock

Chipmunk 006

butterfly on the grass on blurry background

Butterfly 004

Whiskey Jack bird on a branch in the Rocky Mountains, Perisoreus Canadensis

Bird 036

deer drinking in creek and sticking out tongue

Deer 006

deer looking and drinking in creek in meadow

Deer 005

Clark’s Nutcracker bird portrait, grey bird in Alberta, Nucifraga Columbiana

Bird 035

Woodpecker Crow, grey bird portrait, in Rockies, Nucifraga Columbiana

Bird 034

Canada Jay bird on branch in Rocky Mountains, Perisoreus Canadensis

Bird 033

Grey Jay bird on tree branch with Rockies on backgound, Perisoreus Canadensis

Bird 032

brown bear seating and eating berries in Alberta

Bear 008

black bear eating buffalo berries in Alberta

Bear 007

ground squirrel seating in grass in meadow

Ground Squirrel 010

ground squirrel standing on rocks holding hands with claws

Ground Squirrel 009