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male deer with antlers eating

Deer 012

squirrel seating on branch in tree

Squirrel 027

squirrel looking on branch in pine tree

Squirrel 026

deer walking with photographic effect

Deer 011

male deer with antlers eating grass

Deer 010

red grouse bird on fir tree branch in the Rockies

Bird 041

willow ptarmigan bird in fir tree in Alberta

Bird 040

black bear hugging tree in Jasper National Park

Bear 013

brown bear among buffalo berries and bushes

Bear 012

brown bear among buffalo berries in Jasper Park

Bear 011

bee flying to flower

Bee 014

black bear eating buffalo berries in Rocky Mountains

Bear 010

black bear eating buffalo berries bushes in Banff Park

Bear 009

chipmunk standing on rock under sunlight

Chipmunk 007

red grouse standing on trail in Alberta

Bird 039

willow grouse standing on hiking trail

Bird 038

willow grouse standing on ground

Bird 037

elk eating grass in Jasper park

Elk 004

pika seating on rock in Rockies

Pika 004

marmot seating on rock under sun

Marmot 007

ground squirrel close-up

Squirrel 025

prairie dog standing and screaming in front of his burrow

Prairie Dog 002

prairie dog on rock facing camera

Prairie Dog 001

squirrel eating pine cone among branches

Squirrel 024

spider on a spiderweb

Spider 005

marmot in meadow in Canadian Rocky Mountains

Marmot 006

canadian marmot in the prairie in Alberta

Marmot 005

mountain black spider in the Rockies

Spider 003

black spider on rock in Rocky Mountains

Spider 002

female bighorn sheep portait in Rocky Mountains

Bighorn Sheep 004