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jellyfish underwater in sea

Jellyfish 001

Japanese carp at surface

Fish 002

red koi fish in water

Fish 001

moose male seating and eating in woods

Moose 001

red fox in prairie

Fox 001

swan in Lake Neuch√Ętel with willow tree and Sun reflection

Swan 002

white swan in Lake Leman in Geneva

Swan 001

marmot showing head out of burrow

Marmot 002

marmot standing near burrow with branche shades

Marmot 001

irish sheeps with black heads in pasture on coast of Ireland

Sheep 001

squirrel eating nut on grass

Squirrel 004

squirrel on branch in tree in forest

Squirrel 003

baby squirrel eating pine cone

Squirrel 002

squirrel standing among leaves in Autumn

Squirrel 001

seal laying on rock in the sea

Seal 001

crabs in boat with paddles in Ireland

Crab 002

crab claw on pebbles on beach at sea

Crab 001

bee on flower gathering pollen

Bee 005

bee on daisy Asteraceae, Echinacea

Bee 004

bee gathering pollen on coneflower

Bee 003

bee collecting pollen on flower

Bee 002

bee on flower collecting pollen

Bee 001

bird in branches at sunset with bright lights

Bird 001

black bear cub eating flowers in prairie

Bear 002

black bear cub smelling flowers in meadow

Bear 001

chipmunk showing head on trunk with colored leaves

Chipmunk 001