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bee landing on flower to collect nectar

Bee 009

cute kitten hiding behind rock

Cat 008

cute kitten portrait in nature

Cat 007

little cat walking in grass

Cat 006

cute little cat sitting beside plant in front of wall

Cat 005

cute little cat in grass with the sun

Cat 004

cute little kitten portrait

Cat 003

cute little cat portrait among plants

Cat 002

cute little cat face hiding behind rock

Cat 001

golden koi fish swimming in pond water

Fish 004

japanese carp fish dorsal fin

Fish 003

heron bird portrait with long neck and feather

Bird 013

heron portrait with long beack

Bird 012

young moose in woods with branches and green leaves

Moose 007

moose portrait in forest among branches

Moose 006

squirrel standing on trunk covered with moss

Squirrel 006

Western Capercaillie among branches and leaves

Spruce 001

butterflies spreading wings on road asphalt

Butterfly 001

baby moose and moose cow mother in forest

Moose 005

baby moose face portrait in woods

Moose 004

red fox portrait

Fox 002

bee collecting nectar on flower

Bee 008

bird standing on branches in tree

Bird 011

bees duo on flower collecting pollen

Bee 007

black bear head up in meadow with wild flowers

Bear 004

black bear cub walking in flowers in meadow

Bear 003

Northern Gannet on Bonaventure Island in Quebec

Bird 010

Northern Gannets cuddling on Bonaventure Island in Gaspesie

Bird 009

Northern Gannets couple cleaning with beaks

Bird 008

white feather on green grass

Bird 007